Hi There Welcome To TredSmall Video Clips

So what does my blog has to offer?

It will offer variety of clips such as TV adverts, TV entertainment, TV interviews, live TV music, which is all based on UK terrestrial TV.

I will offer the quickest upload and good quality video clips.

You can now download selected videos for FREE, If you see this message below the clip (I Want This Clip) then click the link next to it.

Why should we watch your blog?

I aim to upload my video clips ASAP, it will be first uploaded on YouTube, then it will be uploaded here on my Blog.

So whats the catch?

There are NO catches at all, There are NO fee's to pay, No one off payment, It's totaly FREE.

Why is it FREE?

Well why not? I want to make people easier to download their favourite clips from my YouTube channel, No need to go to a long length of trying to download them then converting the video, Just simply download it here for FREE.

TredSmall YouTube :

Stay tuned for more uploaded video clips...... Thank You.


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